jeudi 1 août 2013

Newcomers + pics of the last meeting

Hi you :D

 Today I will introduce you to the newcomers in the community that I help or  just appreciated ^__^

In first I will present you Min Jihé that I help enormously,
 I admit it is a little difficult for me because I don't  really know the himekaji/Roma style,
 but I do my best to advise her at best ^__^

Interview with Min Jihé ...

- Age : 18 years old
- Location : France  (Lille)

- Which style do you want to improve in ? 
For the moment, I'm reall interested by Hime Kaji, so I try to be better in this style. I try to have good clothes. Also, I try to find a max of information abou hairstyle, because is the harder thing for me in hime kaji.

- Which brand is your favorite ? 
I really like several brands. First it's Liz Lisa. I really like the stuff of this brand, all is lovely and feminine. I hope to have Liz Lisa's items in my wardrobe one day. Then I really like Glavil by Tutuha <3 I don't know really why I like this brand. And finally, it's not a brand, but I really like the clothes who are sale on Dream V Shop.

 - Who's the model you prefer ? 
TSUBASA MASUWAKA <3 <3 I really find this girl perfect  =3 But there are a lot of very beautiful model.

- Which style/sub-style is your favorite ?
 Actually, my two favorites substyles are Rokku Gal and Hime Kaji
(Hey Teacher Galily, you see. I remind me the name of this substyles now  ^=^).
 This is two really different substyles, but  I really like the detail of each trend.

- Which style have you worn before ? 
I'm a lolita ! I wear lolita since the end of 2009. I love this fashion, but, today,  I need to change.
--- Is the transition to gyaru style difficult for you ?
 Actually not really. I've got a great Teacher and friend : Galily <3 She help me to find my way, to chose the good clothes and make up  She help me a lot. Also, my BF is a Gyaru-o, so he help me too :3 I think that I'm a very lucky girl \0/

- What's it that you like about gal style ?
 For me, Gyaru is the most feminine fashion in the world. You can be cute, or sexy. Then, I really like the make up of this movement. The Hairstyles are so awesome too. Also, I really like Japan, and this fashion keep my eye when I read some news paper, or when I see Japanese's snap.
 It's just the PERFECT Style.

- And a final word ?
Be who you want to be. We can use fashion to show who we are. I'm a lolita, ok, so I look like a little girl. But, I'm a Gyaru too, so I'm also a real woman.
I really hope to be a perfect gyaru in some months.
Please support me =3.
I really want to thanks my teacher :)
Galily you're the best ever  ( thanks you sweetie <3 )

Secondly, I present to you Trinity, a Swiss newcomer gal that I help and I appreciate enormously <3 
I look forward to be on August 18, we meet again :3

Interview with Trinity ...

-Age : 17 years old
- Location : Fribourg, Switzerland

- Which style do you want to improve in ?
Rokku Gyaru

- Which brand is your favorite ? 
D.I.A ( I really like, but I have no clothes of this brand for the moment ;-; )

- Who's the model you prefer ? 
No one again ( I don’t know really good all models of Gyaru )

- Which style/sub-style is your favorite ? 
Kuro and Rokku.

- Which style have you worn before ? 
Sweet Lolita and Scene.
--- Is the transition to gyaru style difficult for you ? 
A little bit, because there are a lot of news things in this style. 

- What's it that you like about gal style ? 
I like Gyaru style because it’s very girly in all way :3  We can be cute, sexy, rock, gothic.. 
They are a lot of details and I really appreciate this. 

- And a final word ? 
I’m a newcomer but I try to make the better of myself. 
I really want to improve my style in Rokku Gyaru and I hope it will be good soon! ^3^

And I don't forget the other newcomers that I love too ^__^
Done your best sweeties <3

Saori from Switzerland

Chu Jung Hyeri from France

Kloé From Paris ( France )

Gaelle From France
Girls, don't hesitate to seek advices ^__^ And have fun in your new lifestyle :)
Welcome in the communauty <3

And this is a makeover by Gyarunity ( my circle ) on my friend Emma
She is so pretty in the Rokku style ^__^/

Lors d'un meet-up organisé par Gyarunity, vous pouvez nous demander, un peu en avance, que l'on vous fasse un make up et coiffure ^__^

Next meet-up on August 18 :)

And pics of the last meeting with Gyarunity <3
It was a chill-out meeting at my home :) 

That's all :D
CHU ~~

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  1. Tu es la meilleure professeur ! Je t'adore vraiment et tu m'aides tellement !
    Te parler me donne de plus en plus envie de suivre tes pas, et de m'offrir un peu plus au Rokku ^-^