mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Gyaru improvement meme +Gyaru valentine + last purchase + Amon Amarth

Hey  :3
In this article I present you my gyaru improvement since end of 2010. 
( I started gyarustyle in 2008 but I was so failed xD  ),
 my last purchases at Paris and the last single of Amon Amarth.
This is a viking death metal, 
I love pagan, viking & celtic metal \m/

Gyaru improvement since 2010 from today

The year 2012 is a bit disastrous because I felt not very good :(
I had to take many desicions which was not easy..
 and it's also the year that my gyaru-sa
  Kitties Squad was dissolves >___<
 I did the best I could, 
but from December 2012 to March 2013 I decided to move to something else but I can't xD
 I love too much gyarulifestyle and our community ! <3

2013, I try to do my best to be in harmony with my style \0/

Gyaru Valentine

This week there are again many valentines , It's very nice ^__^
Of course I did many valentines for my fav gaijin gyaru, and I will make it again :)

I would like to thank the person who made a valentine for me and my two best friends from  my gyaru-sa Gyarunity, I think it is the same person who did it.
 Thank you so much my dear unknow <3

and thank you Kloe for this Valentine on my Facebook's wall

All this love gives me the courage to improve myself
Thank you so much <3

And special dedications for " Kitties-Squad " 

Anyway Gals keep posting and spreading gyaru love and respect <3

Last purchases

I forgot to show you my latest purchases of Paris in my latest article !

Amon Amarth's "Deceiver of the Gods" from the new album "Deceiver of the Gods".

I prefer this song so I put it here : Amon Amarth " Destroyer of the univers "

That's all ! Bye ~~ 

5 commentaires:

  1. J'adore le t-shirt avec la croix en tête de mort *O*
    J'espère avoir une aussi belle évolution que toi ^-^

  2. j avoue il est pas mal! je l ai pas payer cher xD
    Je suis sur que tu auras une superbe evolution vu les photos que tu m as fait voir <3

  3. Hello!! I found you in Gyaru Rokku Facebook Group, I really loved all your outfits!!! You are very pretty!!
    Greetings from México <3

  4. Woow ! Thank you so much charlotte ! You make me happy ^___^/