samedi 13 juillet 2013

Paris and meeting Gyaru !

Yo !
How are you today? My holidays end tomorrow . Nooo >< I m so sad, fuck the life è_é

Friday July 5th I went to Paris with Daiana, unfortunately Ines was not present :(

Friday we went to the Japan expo, I hate the Paris subway, there are always very strange people, perverts too xD
For this exhibition, I wanted to try kuronba style, finally I loved my outfit and you ?

I also show you my nails done by hand. it is not so difficult to wear, but only for a few hours xD

We saw a beautiful gyaru  Wai-yi Lee in front of  tofu cute 's stand.
We have not talked with her because we thought she was Japanese.
She was  really beautiful in her goshikku outfit :)

Gyarunity's page 
There were also two photographers who took pictures of us for 30 minutes, 
it was nice but in the end it was getting boring -___-
We look forward to the photos  \0/
One of them looked like a pervert YEURK >.<

The evening, Daiana took me to the "Sacré-Coeur", 
it was wonderful and the view was incredibly beautiful!
Pics: google

Saturday morning we went shopping, 
the neighborhood of "Barbes" is filled with shoes store *___*
Of course I took a pair of shoes, 
but it was the last and was not my size >.</
 I look elsewhere but nothing!
 I looked everywhere to find soles but nothing either!
 I was so sad and disappointed, so, I bought the shoes xD 

looks like creepers shoes

The after-noon, we went at a meeting organized by Gyaru "Gaijin gyaru France."

I finally met Emi, Gaelle, Nene, Myriam, Puya, Camille, Nini
 and review Rina, Hélo, Tokki. 
I was so happy! It was a great day ^__^/

We went to "kawaii coffee" and then to "tuilerie".

Jardin des tuileries at Paris
Pics: google

group's pic
credit pic : Rose
For this event I wore a t-shirt gifted by Ines and Daiana, 
members of my circle Gyarunity
 I was more than happy, I almost cried with joy because this t-shirt I really liked it! 
Thank you so much Gals <3

and I wore a skirt "Glavil" and a necklace "Glavil" offered by Maryon there a few months ago.
 I'm spoiled by my friends <3 <3
( I love you so much )
and my new shoes.

credit pic : Rose

And in the evening, we went to the party "Tokyo2Seoul"

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit >.</
but I have not forgotten to take a pic of my face XD

Special Dedication to Ines because she was not present : 
Tu nous as manqués meuf  >.< dommage que tu n'etais pas la :(

love !

I also wanted to say you, 
I help at this time, a newcomer in the gyaru style,
 and she writing a small article on me 
(well, this does not only wrote than on me xD ) 
Thank you Sweetie, and I'm glad to help you <3

Her blog

Small ad for the French gal unit " Diamant Rose"
Dernier jour pour envoyer sa candidature !!


Small ad for the Gaijin gyaru France's page


Small ad for the Gaijin Gyaru Suisse's page


Small ad for Gals Gals Revolution's page 



Now I'll watch, Superman: Man of Steel
My super hero has always been superman!
He is so much sexy! 

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  1. Wow your kuronba style ! I find this style so gorgeous even if I'm always surprised to see gals wearing Crocs shoes xD. Your Gyaru-sa is so perfect !
    Thanks for all ! =3 I try to do my best to thanks you ! ♥

    Hope to read you soon !!!